Tips for the Bible (Travel guide books):

Regardless of which guidebook you will end up choosing, I have found that it is most important to choose a book that is up to date. Look at the publishing date - a book that was published in December 2012 was likely researched and written up to a year before. Especially in developing countries a lot can change in a year. Also look at the reviews and read into the book to get a feel for the author.
the mother of all budget guidebooks, although I have to say that lately it has gotten a bit main stream; highly recommended for South East Asia
second in line, they are more catering to students, very current prices on housing and transport
a british publisher; be aware that currency, language and style will be heavily influenced by Great Britain
similar to LP, Let’s Go and Footprint
I have found them to be very thorough and well researched – good for North & Latin America – still with much limited selection
excellent city guides
I use these as my additional guide book for sites and quick overviews to many of my travels. I think I have over 40 of these guides – only in German


Links for Inspiration:
my personal measurement of where I am with my countries visited
another encouragement list for what is still missing
you have to have goals in life


Links for Practical Advise:
how to pack your backpack (there are many of these lists out there and they should vary based on where you will go, this one seems to be a good one to start with) – an exercise that is essential to avoid extra weight.
CIA Travel Advisory. This provides you with a good feel of where it might not be good to travel to right now. At the same time it includes many destinations where I say common. Countries like Lebanon, Israel and Colombia have been on that list for years, exactly these countries have been some of my best travel experiences.
Information site for what kind of vaccinations you need for the region you will travel to
Vaccinations in German

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