My name is Dominik and I am from in Bavaria. I grew up in a small village with more cows than people. However, very earlier on I was fascinated with foreign countries and foreign cultures. I guess my parents planted the seed, as we went on family vacation every year somewhere in Europe. But my older brother led the way. When he started backpacking he always came back with tons of stories.

So of course when I was old enough, I also went on my first big adventure – 4 weeks Inter-Rail through Europe. My first leg was to Paris. I arrived early in the morning and was completely disoriented. I was already contemplating my return back to Munich, when I found my bearings. From that point on I had the travel bug in me and I never looked back.

Countless travels and experiences later and many more to come, I can already claim that traveling or backpacking, however you want to call it, is a life changing experience. I hope sharing my experiences will encourage you to defeat your fears, pre-conceptions, stereotypes and reservations you may have about exploring foreign countries and cultures. Overcoming your doubts may open a whole new world to you.

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Life is a journey,
not a destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson